A decade ago, I was studying music in Calcutta,  blown away by the beauty and subtlety of Indian Raga.  When I returned home,  I was inspired to share this music and started to invite Indian Classical musicians to perform live on the radio.   This grew into a program on WKCR called “Ragas Live.”  “Ragas Live” has now exploded into an epic radio festival, now in it’s second year.

I am quite sure this is the most ambitious broadcast event of this genre anywhere, ever:

This year a community of over 50 world-class musicians will perform raga live over a period of 24 hours!    The Ragas Live Festival will broadcast on 89.9 FM-NY,  (highlights on a few European stations as well), stream on www.wkcr.org and be archived on my podcast, www.nycradiolive.org.  Tune in anytime midnight to midnight this Friday, June 14th

 or later through the NYC Radio LIve iTunes podcast.  

Check out the Ragas Live Event Page to learn more and please share with the curious.

Karavan Kosmiko rocks Bleecker St. (We’ll be back May 7th)

It was a joyful, magical night at the Space at 9 Bleecker.  The Karavan brought special guests, superstar Kiran Ahluwalia of India and Awa Sangho, the golden voice of Mali.  The night ended with everyone dancing and singing along as the master percussionists weaved through the crowd.

These are some of the pics that audience members posted of us.  We’ll be back on May 7th.  Hope to see you!



Karavan Kosmiko concert featuring Awa Sangho and Kiran Ahluwalia

This promises to be an unforgettable night of music. Artists from South America, India, Africa and the Carribean collaborating for an evening of global roots music.
Karavan Kosmiko plus Special Guests
Awa Sangho – The Golden Voice of Mali
Daniel Moreno – percussion
Kiran Ahluwalia – Vocals ! (She was added after the poster was made)

Karavan Kosmiko  is Dana Hanchard, Ruben Gonzales, David Ellenbogen, Babatunde Don Eaton and Jimmy Cruiz with Michael D’Agostino.
The evening will open with Kevin Nathaniel on Mbira.

Ragas Live Festival!

WOW! Thanks to a community of over 30 world class artists,  WKCR-FM  broadcast 24 hours of live, in-studio performances of Indian Ragas on June 21 on the airwaves in NYC and streaming on the net. We got a HUGE response from around the globe.  The complete festival can still be enjoyed online here and at the NYC Radio Live iTunes podcast.  Many thanks to our curators HarmoNYomBrooklyn Raga Massive and to our artistic directors Arun Ramamurthy, Sameer Gupta and Veronique Lerebours. Thanks also  to the Make Music NY festival and the WKCR team (Ahmet Ali Arsalan, Sriharsha Aradhya, Lakshmi Gopal, and Kevin Crowley).

Photos from Peru 2012

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Photos from Mali 2012

“The Festival au Desert, Timbuktu, the Niger and Bani Rivers, Djenne and the mysterious Dogon Country in Mali. Up next..audio!”

From Mali 2012, posted by David Ellenbogen on 2/13/2012 (85 items)

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Karavan Kosmiko begins to record our new album

After recording the first two tracks of their new album in a few hours, Karavan Kosmiko road tested the rough mixes in a car outside the studio. Despite the heavy rains, at least one stranger on Manhattan’s Lower East Side joined Dana Hanchard and Jimmy Cruiz dancing in the street!