A decade ago, I was studying music in Calcutta,  blown away by the beauty and subtlety of Indian Raga.  When I returned home,  I was inspired to share this music and started to invite Indian Classical musicians to perform live on the radio.   This grew into a program on WKCR called “Ragas Live.”  “Ragas Live” has now exploded into an epic radio festival, now in it’s second year.

I am quite sure this is the most ambitious broadcast event of this genre anywhere, ever:

This year a community of over 50 world-class musicians will perform raga live over a period of 24 hours!    The Ragas Live Festival will broadcast on 89.9 FM-NY,  (highlights on a few European stations as well), stream on www.wkcr.org and be archived on my podcast, www.nycradiolive.org.  Tune in anytime midnight to midnight this Friday, June 14th

 or later through the NYC Radio LIve iTunes podcast.  

Check out the Ragas Live Event Page to learn more and please share with the curious.