This is incredibly joyful music, and ultimately a celebration of life. A much needed burst of light in this difficult year.” David Dalle CKCU 93.9 Ottwa.

Neel Murgai and I wrote this homage to Terry Riley. We recorded it with 25 musicians, including Jay Gandhi and Abhik Mukherjee. We were touched that Terry himself called it beautiful and will perform a set after ours at the premier.

“Its expansive otherness, its core rasa, remind of the feeling I get when listening to my heroes; Cherry, Sanders, Sun Ra, Coltrane. It is an authoritative step forward in the evolution of a truly global, celestial, cosmic “world” music.”UK VIBE Ragmala (5 out 5 Stars)

“Two of the most interesting bands in the USA….In the jazz world, not since Sun Rahas this reviewer heard anything so successful at reaching the parts other music generally fails to reach. This double album feels like a milestone in the evolution of truly world music.” London Jazz News

I am proud to have produced this 3LP 40 musician album along with the leader Adam Rudolph and Mas Yamagata. It’s been very well received and it was great to play in that incredible rhythm section.

probably the most epic album released by any New York group this century NY Music Daily

24 Sets and 15 Hours from the first 7 years of the Ragas Live Festival

This is the album that people listen to the most. It’s just intonation based ambient music, that Joshua Geisler and I created. Putamayo put it out on an Acoustic Yoga compilation and meditators tell me they use it daily. Great music to not listen too!