Photos from Peru 2012

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Photos from Mali 2012

“The Festival au Desert, Timbuktu, the Niger and Bani Rivers, Djenne and the mysterious Dogon Country in Mali. Up!”

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Karavan Kosmiko begins to record our new album

After recording the first two tracks of their new album in a few hours, Karavan Kosmiko road tested the rough mixes in a car outside the studio. Despite the heavy rains, at least one stranger on Manhattan’s Lower East Side joined Dana Hanchard and Jimmy Cruiz dancing in the street!

Podcast 1: McCoy Tyner – Mandingo Ambassadors

McCoy Tyner and the Mandingo Ambassadors. McCoy Tyner is true jazz royalty. He’s recorded over 50 albums as a leader and, with John Coltrane, Jimmy Garrison, and Elvin Jones, created the sound which critics refer to as John Coltrane’s “Classic Quartet.” This group’s transcendent sound completely changed the course of music. Sitting down with him for a discussion was one of the great honors of my life.

John Coltrane and McCoyTyner

The Mandingo Abassadors are a classic band, half from West-Africa and half from Brooklyn. Their leader Mamady Kouyate, from Guinea is best known as the guitarist in the classic Bembeya Jazz National.

They were happy enough with the sound I got in the studio that they released the recordings from that session as a album:

Ismael Kouyate – vocals; Mamady Kourouma – guitar; Oran Etkin – tenor sax & clarinets; Sylvain Leroux – flute, tambin and alto sax; Andy Algire – drums; Nick Cudahy – bass and Mamady Kouyate – guitar.

Regret the Hour on fire

Two of my first guitar students, Ben and Nate, started a band called Regret the Hour. This song is aproaching 25,000 hits on YouTube. So I imagine they are going places. I also teach the bassist on this recording, Nikolai.